3DPathology  PN-III-P3-3.5-EUK-2016-0018 | The development of a system in the field of digital 3D pathology with spectroscopy | Contract no. 93/2016

Project within PN III. European and international cooperation
Sub-program 3.5. Other initiatives and European and international programs. EUREKA-Cluster


The goal of the 3Dpathology project is the design and development of a digital system, ultra fast, quantitatively and multi-modal shift actions of analysis in the field of digital pathology 3D via spectroscopy. The development of the proposed solution, based on the combination of multiple techniques for the analysis of pathological data (multiple molecular information incorporated in the clinical flows trials), will lead to the achievement of a more customized treatment of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

3D Digital pathology, based on quantitative microscopy techniques, shall ensure a competitive advantage for Europe, through the development of new ways of medical investigation, which will lead to the creation of a database of very valuable knowledge for the medical field and not only. This competitive advantage does not come only from the ability to view in 3D the biological samples taken, but also from the quantitative analysis of the tissues’ content, allowing for the first time, the carrying out of a biochemical analysis on the rank of the volume of the whole tissue and the comparison of this analysis with the characteristics of the anatomical tissues.

The 3D display of the tissues thus provides the possibility of implementation of some complex activities run online such as tele-consultancy, research, bio-banks, or e-training and e-learning. The national Romanian project will focus on the development of a storage, handling and analysis subsystem of medical images DICOM type, as SaaS in cloud and on the implementation of software tools for viewing and augmentation of DICOM images with further information. The innovative element will be the implementation of this subsystem by the design of an own solution, or through the improvement of an existing storage, such as Oracle DICOM Server. It will also be developed an educational component, attached to the subsystem for storage, handling and analysis of medical images, designed for use in the educational process of the medical sector.